Voice of the Year!

The Edtech Karaoke Voice of the Year is an elite title given to the educator who outsings all other educators and moves forward to win the karaoke contest! For select Edtech Karaoke parties, this contest is the highlight of the night. Pre-selected contestants battle it out on stage and are judged by musicly gifted sponsors. The winner of the karaoke contest is named ETK Voice of the Year and receives a trophy along with other prizes. Prizes vary per contest.

If you wish to sign up for the Voice of the Year contest:

  • Make sure you are registered for Edtech Karaoke, you can do so HERE
  • Come to our booth to get your badge and do a onsite audition (no longer than a minute) of a song of your choice

Want to see what songs you can sing with the band? CLICK HERE

Past Voice of the Year Winners

  • Robin Hyman
    Robin HymanETK 2023 Winner
  • Monica Norman
    Monica NormanETK 2022 Winner
    • Eric Levels
      Eric LevelsETK 2019 Winner
    • Kara McDaniel
      Kara McDanielETK 2019 Winner
    • Kelly Kerres
      Kelly KerresETK 2018 Winner
      • Nicole Hamilton
        Nicole HamiltonETK 2016 Winner
        • Arischa Frierson
          Arischa FriersonETK 2015 Winner
        • Susan Grigsby
          Susan GrigsbyETK 2014 Winner